I'm a climber there belive.
That climbing is all about having fun.
And letting go of your mind.
While your body is pushed to the limit.

07 March 2013

What is climbing?


What is it?
And why do it?

Climbing is a life style, which for many seems distant. You live like a Bum and live in some sort of simple hippie culture. In something there should emulate a green culture, whit green tobacco. Which is too wet to burn itself, so you mix it with some normal everyday tobacco and a filter tip of old paperboard. And then you get so much, that you forget to clean up. Before one overpowers himself and starts to do something about it. This mix of green and city noise. In a confusing day whit both ups and downs, with inner fights in both mentally and physical limitations.

Everyone believe they are most..

But most what?

Pigs there a pissing and shitting in the forest, or most green with the mix of the cheapest food, you mixing with organic when the money is there. So we are probably a kind of weekend green people who put everything at stake in a battle for the eternal buzz on the rock. You do and you are a junkie, in the fight for adrenalin on a piece of rock or cliff. if you like. In good Danish, a "motley crew" with each our reason and vision of life. But with one common goal to achieve the goal and the small-feeling that fills so much. Where the time stops for a few minutes of peace and karma. Before we move on after new goals and more....

So you can say.
Why do it when you know for some, the price is the highest?

What makes it worth the risk. Is it the feeling that life is nothing without, or are we all so naive that we do not think It could happen to us. Truth is that it could happen. But if you take care and if we are holding hands and together look to both sides before crossing the road. It's not much more dangerous then to live in the city. But there you do not think about it, because there it's only out out-coming elements there have our fate.
But is it?

We can still quickly run across the street to catch the bus, in front of the car which can't reach to brake, because the radio is teasing. It will indeed be the 8-figure there is not tied, because you talk to your partner about the attractive girls there climb next to. And then you just starts to climb and first discover it when you lean back at the top and the rope suddenly disappears. Well I suppose you could say that the case is we can make it dangerous. As the walk along the road. However if we take care, then it's only the many thousand years old rock there can fail. As the truck there do not see you in a right turn. Something we are not the Lord about. But even there we have been too close. so we must be aware. And look after each other in an otherwise warm and open environment.
Which is also my reason other than the rush. people are bum's half green and not least, one big family.

thoughts from a rainy day.

Peace out