I'm a climber there belive.
That climbing is all about having fun.
And letting go of your mind.
While your body is pushed to the limit.

29 December 2012

Nordic weather

Hei There..!

Right now i'm in denmark. To spend Christmas and New year.

At the moment i'm not getting that must climbing done. As i would like.
but i'm trying.

i have been bouldering for some times. when it is cold enough
= which mean dry frozen rock..!  =D

I haven't been Sports climbing outdoor for a long time.

BUT i ordered some fly tickets to Siurana ( Spain )
which gonna be so nice.!
it's just gonna be 16 days of climbing so a short trip. but gonna be so cool.!

And may be gonna visit Margalef again for one or to day's.! to give that a second chance.

I gonna leav the 2.th of january, and then i'll be back the 22. 
Gonna be cool to come back there..!

Peace Out..!