I'm a climber there belive.
That climbing is all about having fun.
And letting go of your mind.
While your body is pushed to the limit.

31 October 2011

rest days over..

hei there..

Now is the rest days all most over. so now I can start to project. if the weather gets good again. and I get over my cold.
it's not easy to keep as many days of rest without climbing my body pumps of energy. Just after 6 days without climbing.
but the fingers are very happy with it. therefore it must be good in that way with a lot of rest. on the imagery here, I have already had 4 days without climbing so the most wounds has fallen off and they are starting to feel good again.
have learned a thing. with of finding a permanent partner to project with is not as easy as I had hoped, when you want to go to the same area several days. so I struggle a bit with that. have found a lot lægre routes I want to have. but it takes time all of it. so we'll see how it goes.. :)

but I need still to new weather. more cold, no rain please. ;)

but.. http://www.yr.no/sted/Spania/Catalonia/Siurana_de_Prades/langtidsvarsel.html
not that good to see this.. :/

but time will tell..

all for now.

Peace out. ;)