I'm a climber there belive.
That climbing is all about having fun.
And letting go of your mind.
While your body is pushed to the limit.

26 September 2011

Verdon og retur


Year where to start.
so large and so overwhelming.
will describe it with 3 words.
and so Beautiful..

life down here as free camper. can sometimes be difficult. and often ends up whit we just sleep in a parking lot after it gets dark. and still you have go to town to get water at least every 3. days.. :/
so you have to drive an move a lot. and spend much time unpacking and pack ..i would in the beginning like I did'tn have a car here. which can be really annoying some times..  but it's all so nice whit a tent on wheels.

climbing here is incredibly cool. and the slap and face climbing here is magnificent.
here are both single and multi pitch. and both are really cool. I have spent time on both. unfortunately there is a lot Aid climbing here. and where you need to put some gear.

and bolts. Well the bolts there is are really fine. but there are sometimes very far between. between 5 and 11 meters are usually on the multi-pitch routes. where 4-7 meters you will find on many singel pitch.
so one's psyche becomes strong with time.

You have to remember that gravity still exist. even though you sometimes dream it away. and break the law of gravity again and again.

but tonight I fly to Denmark and is there for 3 days. going to my grandfather's funeral. because his time had come unfortunately. so fly from marsei to CPH. so Friday is the day that I fly back and then drive south towards Lleida where I have to find some work to cover flight ticket and a little extra pocket money.

tekst for now..
Life is a journey. the journey begins the day you are born and ends the day you die. sometimes there may be a silents break and bumpy. but the journey goes on..

peace out