I'm a climber there belive.
That climbing is all about having fun.
And letting go of your mind.
While your body is pushed to the limit.

09 September 2011

Bye bye to Finale

Hei there

Now it is time to move on and say goodbye to finale. And which better way can it be done in, then to participating in then to support Competition for nepal. this is tomorrow 10/9 it's a total boulder with 44 boulder problems. on artifices grips. in the old parth of town "Final Borgo".

Read more at: http://www.finalefornepal.org/finale-for-nepal-2011/

I write in how it goes when I know. : P

it's been an really great time this 6 weeks. with people I never will forget. and now I take the "Verdon" in france to climb long routes with a German "Johannes"" as I've met here in the finale .. we will be there for 2 weeks before I go to Lleida in Spain.

I have nothing special on my heart at the moment.

Peace out