I'm a climber there belive.
That climbing is all about having fun.
And letting go of your mind.
While your body is pushed to the limit.

28 September 2013

Age of climbing

I was out climbing with a friend one day.
And i was sharing my thoughts about climbing's "age".

I like looking at it this way.....

The day you start Climbing is the day you getting born.

which mean that for example me, there have been climbing trad for 6 years, so i'm starting in first grade this year.       ( Big steps! =D )
which mean i'm starting to be ready to learn.

like every body. the first 6 years of our life goes by learning to talk, crawl and walk.
learning every basic thing. that we need to know before we are ready to learn for real.

after that we start in school where we are gonna learn how to do things. starting simple. and then slowly expanding our knowledge. while we move up in the grades.

this may sound stupid. and when you look around, some one have done so great things. even know they are relatively new in the game.

but look at it this way.  climbing is like real life.

people are different, some people develop faster than others. some go in a class higher than they should. some go in the same class twice or more. you can choose to do things. or you can do them as they come. but bottom line is that your level of knowledge is still relativly the same. people just choose to use it different.  and some do this with good outcome. and some with the highest price

and unfortunately it's more often for the worse, when people try to be bigger than they are.. (like real life)

so what i choose, to take out of this, is that. we should not rush it too much. but neither stand and watch.
so if you realy want to do some thing, then you better get out there. but some time doing things. include waiting to you are "old" enough.

Climb wise, Climb strong and Climb long..!!

Peace out!