I'm a climber there belive.
That climbing is all about having fun.
And letting go of your mind.
While your body is pushed to the limit.

24 June 2013

Orco Vally

Still in italy......

in the big Alps. at the "Gran Paradiso" national park. in Velle'dell Orco.

it's a fantastic place. with lots of cool Trad climb.  but my problem as one from Skandinavien, is that i can not climb in the sun here. in italien "pre" summer.  we did try one day. but hard sun burn after just 3 hours. so not fantastic. but the climbing is nice.  but the most climbs is South face. :/  

So i think this will be a great place to return to in late Autumn. to climb some of all the amazing multi pitch'es.  
but we also have alot of bad weather this day's with a lot of rain. so some day's without climbing. it is not that fun.  so here a few day's ago i we went to maybe try the only dry North face roof. in the wally.  with the amazing rute "Greenspit" (photo under)

I did try. and i did fall in Love....!!
it's an amazing climb. that i have to do.! but i think it's to hard for my current shape. so i will return for this.

But whot we gonna do the next days i do not know.  we will see what will happen.

there are more photos from the Vally. Here

All for now

Peace out.!