I'm a climber there belive.
That climbing is all about having fun.
And letting go of your mind.
While your body is pushed to the limit.

14 August 2012

Bornholm Rock Climbing Festival

I just been on Bornholm. a small Danish island, there is just a little south of Sweden.
where I have been to a climbing festival.

The island is lovely with beautiful scenery. and alright rock. it is not in world class but it's DANISH rock. and fore that we are proud. =)

like this place.

 at the festival, there have been many things that there have happened. but I only took part in the competition Friday. where tv2 (Danish TV channel) dit cower it all. and where I came in the finals. but I unfortunately fellt early because a handle broke. =/
but It's what might happen when it's on rock.
it whos a cool ompetition, whit some relly nice routs. and some nice people around.

I look forward to next year.!

but I never get use to those television people. but i stil think you should be able to see the finals If you want.

TV rebroadcast here.

besides that I've got First ascent on a traditional secured route.
with the name "En stjerne fødes" and has the degree 8/8 + (7c) (look up)

so that my hardest sent ever on trad..! =D so im relly happy.

it's a really cool route. there is virtually divided into two parts, of a plato. whit good but small gear. and a crack that you can't hold all the way.. but you move about a half meter to each sides of the crack all the way up. it have a really delicate Crux, on small holds whit loong moves.

tomorrow the 15/08 i takes out to Askfjell to try "Vandrefalken" 9- (8a)

i'm really siked about it..!

but more about that later.
this is all fore now.

Peace out