I'm a climber there belive.
That climbing is all about having fun.
And letting go of your mind.
While your body is pushed to the limit.

30 January 2012

New numbers

so it is the first 8a

"La conexion pelirroja"
Desplomilandia - El Chorro - Spain

Nice.. Nice..
absolutely fantastic climbing. not quite my style because it is steep.
but any way I got It, even thow some mental starting difficulties.

5 days it took. the last 3 days I have fallen the same place .. but did'nt get my head with me.

the rest for clipping 4. clip are a bit sharp. is also the hand I fall in, in the film. there came hole on the second day and so it's just ben growing since.

this trip has taught me a lot. and one important thing is that grades are not a box to put people in, and should not hold you back. although we in Denmark all too often put everything in the grades instead of seeing it as opportunity. we see it as obstacles. and say we are not good enough. but why should you not be good enough.? who decides that?           something to think about

tomorrow me and michelle KT are out to climb "amptrax" a 200 meter long 6a. to have a fun rest day.
it's still great to have her here. i enjoy it very much and look forward to the next 2 weeks. where we must climbing a lot more hard routes.

I go home on the 13th of February.
still no work. or place to stay but I have to look at that when i get home.

All fore now

Peace out