I'm a climber there belive.
That climbing is all about having fun.
And letting go of your mind.
While your body is pushed to the limit.

14 November 2011

Rain Rain and more rain

Now we hit that time of year where rain take action.
So now there will be unplanned rest day. but from Wednesday I start to make retpoint here in Siurana with a friend I met in Verdon in France when I was there. we move into the woods so I come away from the car park which is really cool. so I can get some new air and an opportunity to be a little stronger again. Yesterday I toke a walk to Prades and back. which was a trip of almost 35 km. so my legs are quite sore today.

tomorrow it gona rain a lot. so there is no climbing. but Wednesday I start to climb with miles from New Zealand. and we may come to climb together for the next months if it work well. so it's really cool to have a permanent partner. :)

time will show how it all gona goes

all fore now

Peace out